Gustavo Garza
San Antonio based Nature and Astro photographer Gustavo Garza has been snapping pictures since he picked up his first camera in 2019. Gustavo quickly fell in love with astrophotography with a $125 Celestron telescope, as soon as he saw the rings of Saturn he was hooked and the rest is history,
My Story
Gustavo enjoys capturing the world around him and is currently focused on nature, macro and
astrophotography, he is known for his close-up technique as well stacking pictures to produce a final
image. Gustavo believes in the power of photography to inspire new generations and enjoys sharing his
passion by teaching, mentoring, and leading workshops on the subject. Aiming to hone his skills and
develop his unique perspective, the talented and dedicated photographer always seeks to capture the
beauty and complexity of the world around him. When not behind the camera, Gustavo enjoys hiking,
reading, and traveling.
I’m always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let’s connect.

8005 Harper Valley St, San Antonio TX 78233 I GREGGBELLMAN@GMAIL.COM i 210-701-1175