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Gregg Bellman
Mountain Home TX based Astrophotographer and has been imaging deep space object for two years. Gregg quickly fell in love with astrophotography with a $60 kids telescope, as soon as he saw the rings of Saturn he was hooked and the rest is history,
My Story

Like most, my journey in astronomy began as a child with a trip to the planetarium, where I discovered Orion Constellation and our Solar System. Countless hours staring at the sky as a boy scout and always being able to locate Orion in the night sky.

My rediscovery of astronomy started when I borrowed a friends $60 kids telescope and located Saturn, that’s right you can see the rings of Saturn with $60 telescope! I was so excited I dragged the whole family outside to see it. That Christmas I was blessed with a $250 telescope that left me completely frustrated and completely humiliated.

Thanks to the local astronomy club (SAAA) I quickly learned how to find and even image objects in the night sky. When a local Astrophotographer allowed me to put my camera on his telescope and take my first decent image of Orion Nebula, I was hooked!

What followed was a trip down the Astrophotography rabbit hole of equipment, technology and learning all about the night sky. My continued journey in Astronomy caused me to move to dark skies and created wonderful friendships in the Astronomy Community.

I’m always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let’s connect.

8005 Harper Valley St, San Antonio TX 78233 I GREGGBELLMAN@GMAIL.COM i 210-701-1175