Star Party for 20 (add addition Guests and Services when Confirming Reservation)

Star Party for 10
We provide Observational and Astrophotography Experience at all events!
  • Two Uniformed Staff Member
  • Binoculars for your guests (10 Guests)
  • Head Lamps (10 Guests)
  • Blankets (10 Guests)
  • Padded Chairs (10 Guests)
  • Remote Locations Available (Bortle 4 and better skies
  • Private Locations including an Observatory Experience with catering (UBarU Camp & Retreat)



  • Refreshments (Ice Water)
  • Digital Presentation for when the weather doesn’t cooperate
  • Canopy up to 20′ X 10′ (Available)
  • Banner Stand to display your company Brand (Available)

We can also provide our own power

Mileage required outside of San Antonio Service Area*

*  Excludes: AstroRetreat and UBarU



Prices start at: $350 per night (+taxes and fees)

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