Mobile Star Parties


Sharing the wonders of the Universe...

Bringing the wonders of the Universe to your location
We will deliver two telescopes to your location;

We provide Observational and Astrophotography Experience at all events!

Two Telescopes (up to 4 available) 

Two Uniformed Staff Members

Binoculars for your guests (10 Guests)

Head Lamps (20 Guests)

Blankets for 10 Guests

Padded Chairs for 10 Guests (20 available)

Remote Locations Available (Bortle 4 and better skies)

Private Locations including an Observatory Experience with catering (AstroRetreat & UBarU Camp & Retreat)

Refreshments (Ice Water)


Digital Presentation for when the weather doesn’t cooperate 

Canopy 10 X 10  (up to 20′ X 10′ Available)

Banner Stand to display your company Brand (Available)

We can also provide our own power

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Mobile Prices

We bring the wonders of the Universe to your location!

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